YBB calls on City Council to establish grassroots Community Preservation Committee

Last fall, our unprecedented coalition ran a successful ballot measure campaign to adopt the Community Preservation Act in Boston, and won with 74 percent voter support because of extensive voter education efforts across all neighborhoods. Now, a few City Councilors seem to be leaning against giving Yes for a Better Boston (YBB) a strong voice in how the city spends those dollars in future years.

YBB is an unusually broad and diverse coalition including Dudley Square Neighborhood Initiative, Boston Parks Advocates, Mattapan United, Historic Boston, MA Association of CDCs, Greater Boston Interfaith Organization, MA Affordable Housing Alliance, Emerald Necklace Conservancy, Trust for Public Land, MA Alliance of HUD Tenants, Boston Preservation Alliance, Chinese Progressive Association, New England United for Justice, and many others. Others are welcome to join us.

YBB is committed to advocating for the interests of all Boston neighborhoods and taxpayers and ensuring that the same grassroots energy that helped pass CPA is represented on Boston’s Community Preservation Committee in the years to come. We urge the City Council to pass a strong ordinance that 3 of the 9 seats on the Community Preservation Committee are filled by individuals nominated by an open, inclusive process organized by Yes for a Better Boston, the only organization in the city representing all three funding areas of housing, parks and historic preservation.