CPA Investments

The Community Preservation Act (CPA) is an important tool designed to help create affordable homes, better parks and playgrounds, preserve our historic neighborhood buildings, and create jobs.


Affordable Housing

The CPA will help to confront Boston’s skyrocketing housing costs and help keep families in the neighborhoods they have long called home. CPA generates funds that are dedicated to the creation of new, affordable, low-to-middle income housing for seniors, families, veterans and others — keeping residents in Boston, while maintaining a housing stock that remains affordable for working class families.

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Parks & Recreation

By adopting the CPA, Boston will be able to better invest in the parks and outdoor spaces that are core to Boston’s character. The City will be able to enliven and improve existing green spaces while also increasing safe places for children to play, unplug, and get outdoors.

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Historic Preservation

Boston’s historic buildings and places express the unique and rich character of the city. These landmarks, from the Paul Revere House in the North End to the Malcom X-Ella Little Collins House in Roxbury, create a sense of place for Bostonians and visitors alike. Preservation also provides important economic development opportunities through construction jobs and tourism spending.

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